Losing time means Losing Money

Friday, April 18, 2008

"Losing time means losing money" I listen to it many times as Nick Cifonie the author of rei-tv.com said that in his episode in real estate investment. For him losing time is losing money.

If I got to count the time i been losing for nothing if it converted it to cash i will be the next to Millionaire then... A lot of Filipino or almost all of the Filipino inherit the Filipino Time... " maya maya na habit as my college professor said.

Yes looking around, you will see a lot of people wasting their time on nothing.... tong its, chizmiz, strolling around in the mall, or just lying down.

Can you count on how many second, minutes, hours you lost for nothing? if it is converted to cash then would you be next to Bill Gates or to any billionaire in this world...???? wow... OA?

Someones said time is gold while others said its diamond for those who find time, for those who value time as diamond.

Well? maybe we can't change that... only Filipino Time a bad habit connected to Filipino which means. We can't heard when American be late American time, or Indian Time, or what so ever.

I remember when I interview one of the researcher during his flight abroad for a research I asked him what's the best experience he never forget about it. He answer me he was page on the International Airport... Paging Mr _____... Paging Mr ____... please come to you are late for 15 minutes now... the plane gonna fly now.

When he reached his sit he heard a buzz from other passenger Ohhh... A Filipino...

Late.... and late we perfect to this one... hope you learn something coz i learn

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