Crazy Frog: Obnoxious Meme

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Crazy Frog is one of the nine the most obnoxious meme ever escaped in the Internet. The crazy frog hit as number one in the UK single Chart. But the controversy arises due to a frog character in its advertising. The center of complaints is on the display of frog's genitalia. It's inappropriate for children to view it and the sounds seems so irritating. However, the world's government failed to do something over this controversy of Crazy Frog.

A Crazy Frog became famous across the land, in UK the Crazy Frog was in some products like
electronic game, key rings, backpacks, lunch boxes, and air fresheners. It was also released in two computer games. In Germany, it was found out that The League of Good People had made a sad mockery of their name by entering into talks with a production company to create a Crazy Frog TV show. A report released in Europe last March 2008 said that the Crazy Frog completed its three album.

But how this Crazy Frog Escape on the Internet? It has been said that the Crazy Frog was a result of attempting to imitate the sound of a two-stroke moped engine made by a 17 year old Swede boy Daniel Malmedahl, he recorded his voice after and posted it on a website that calls the attention of a Swedish producer. After that, he performed his sound on national television a hit show called Sounds Made by People.

Watch the Video Here

It was in year 2003 when another Swede Erik Wernquist created an animated frog to go with the sound. It had spread all over the Internet. Wernquist contacted the Jamba! A German ring tone company to use it as a downloadable ring tone for cell phones known as Crazy Frog. It was considered as one of the most successful ever in the United Kingdom and Jamba! It earned £14 million from download sales.

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