Sit Back and Relax Its Life

Monday, May 26, 2008

When your plans turning you down, when you are suffering any challenges now, or in between of hard rocks and deep blue sea, what is your coping mechanism in order to cope with that volatile factors that are happening in your life? You put yourself in the crossroad of doubt because you don't know the answer but the only thing you need to do is to sit back and relax.

Why i am saying you only need to sit back and relax when you are struggling with some problems? Just remember this way, when you relax you have peace, and peace can restore the normal tranquility to your life again. We only need to balance logic and reason against strife and struggle in order to salvage some harmony in trouble times.

Just like water flow freely and happily in the right direction, water flows down the mountains, into the streams and rivers, and then out to the seas and ocean. However, just like waters there are times that we encounter giant rocks along the way.

Patience and gentle persistence can help us all to work through all the obstacles and challenges in our path. Just like a gentle flow of water can corrode giant rocks in its paths. Our great sense of self control is required to cope with changing circumstances. We are looking for solutions that will put an end to conflict and troubles, just like pouring water over a fire.

Remember we are humans. We have the ability that water never had. An ability to weight right from wrong, good and bad and to manage the volatile aspects in our life. Our ability determines how we can easily feel a sense of balance in our life when the going is tough.

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