Your Sizzling Charm

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I read a pocketbook written by Nora Roberts Charm, it was a third series of the Donovan Legacy story. Alica Donovan was a member of witch family. But Donovan's family considered it as a blessing or a talent not as a curse.

Boone Sawyer wanted to marry Alica despite the fact that Alicia was a (healer) witch. They live happily ever after... Were not in the novel nor in a fairytale books but our charm can lead us to success. You wanna ask how?

Charm is an artful communication that you can persuade other people round to your way of thinking and you will need to think on your feet but with insight wisdom you find way to succeed.

With your charm you can convince romantically your new suitor or either persuade your partner that marriage is a good idea or a business partner for another branch to open.

In the beginning of an opportunity or phase of your life no result is definite, however, you can harness the confidence and your charm, you will far more likely to succeed. Charm can lead other people show their talent. For business person charm is a key to attracting new customer and retaining the old ones.

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