Improving Courage and Strength

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do you accept and behave in a cowardly way when someone told you unacceptable things? How do you refuse to stand up for what you believe is right or for what you rightly deserve? Maybe some of you simply submit to weaker nature to accept things.

I have a serious talk with my classmate in college about growing up maturely. We both share that we have the courage and strength to face any problems now. Unlike before if we heard unpleasant or bad news we tend to cry the whole night acting like a baby losing its favorite toy.

Whatever challenges you may have to face, your inner strength and your inner courage will go out and deal with it to conquer many challenges in your life and achieve some great results too.

When you have courage you can ignore your insecurities and self doubt. You can also fight back against any negative aspects in your life with strength and integrity. Your inner courage will overcome such happenings in your life if you put your mind to it. Just forget what is behind you and continue living or just simply improve your own self esteem and self worth.

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