The Hunger Games: A Movie Review

Thursday, April 05, 2012

First, it is somewhat brutal (forgive me for the term), because it wasn’t my type of movie. Although I have seen other movies depicting violent scenes, this one can be counted as one of those harsh things I’ve seen. But I am not against it, I actually liked how it was shown.. something that is more than acceptable, compared to what was described in the book (that is according to those who have read it).

Second, again there were scenes that were not followed literally like that in the book that is according to those who have read it.

Third, I was moved by how Katniss bravely volunteered to save her sister from possible death. The sisterly love made by Katniss showed some mellow touch of the movie. I also liked how Effie Trinket looked stupid in her pink colored hair with her make-up that resembles like that of a clown, and how she acted energetic amidst the crowd of displeased people of District 12.

Fourth and this one thing made me realize, is the seclusion  of power that is given only to the elites, that the life of people not on their level, are as good as chickens on a cockfight. This depiction made me think that as of today, there is a hunger game that is going on in our society -which the power and the privilege to live and enjoy are only given to few, to those who can really afford well.

At the end of the story, the scenes on the movie kept on rewinding in my memory. This made me
want to watch it again in their next sequel.

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