Part 2: How to Play Monster World in Facebook

Saturday, June 09, 2012

To Have a Baby or Not
When you are playing a Monster World in Facebook, you'll have to decide whether you'll raise the baby monster or not.  But  for me, having a baby monster, it makes the game more exciting and thrilling.  You need to feed him , you need to make sure the baby is happy. And to make the baby happy, you need to provide anything he ask for.  First it needs a bed, a rocking horse,  baby bath tub, a sandbox, and a trampoline. Well, that's life, having a baby is so expensive both in online games and in real life ^_^

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But this little monster gives daily bonus, perhaps coins, woogoos or magic wands. I also got two water fountains. That's a nice deal. 

Easy and Fast Money

One of the best and easiest way to earn more coins in Monster World is by doing the tasks.You'll get different rewards in completing the tasks, there are times you get thousands of coins, magic wands and star points. This is will also help you to level up faster.

Another way is to plant and sell them to Roberts. But I only do this, if it is part of the tasks. As you level up, more plants grows more than 24 hours before you can harvest them. So in order to save more plants for the next tasks, I only sell to Robert and Roberta if I really need more coins.

To get more Woogoo

Anyone can get more woogoo either from baby monster or Woogoo Pump. I highly recommend to purchase first the Woogoo Pump for other mysterious machine. Once you have a Woogoo Pump already, you need to click it every 24 hours and get 3 woogoo. Next to Woogoo Pump, get the Windmill produces more  woogoo if you feed it with more plants (only pick lemonade and other easy to harvest plants to feed in windmill and save other plants for next tasks).   Woogoo Harvester is so expensive. It eats too much woogoo once you used it for harvesting more plants. So you can either skip this machine or get it to try :)

Another way to get more woogoo is by asking it from your friends. The more friends you have, the more woogoo you can get. Really easy, right?

Enjoy playing monster world. 

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