ShutterBlog: A Travel PhotoBlog Workshop with Ms. Jojie Alcantara!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I WAS in college when I'm so interested in photography. But after I took up Basic Photography, I let my interest died in its natural death. :D It's a good thing Sir Avel Manansala invited me to join the ShutterBlog; it is a one-of-a-kind travel photoblog workshop for Socksargen Bloggers with our speaker (drumroll please)... Ms. Jojie Alcantra! She's a travel writer and photographer whom I am eyeing for many attend one of her workshops.  I envied her shots as well as her writing skills. You can check out her works in flickr and in pbase galleries.

Below are my pictures  taken during the workshop (as expected not amazing as pro).... but that  workshop realized me one thing.... the real formula for photography is Start, Aim, Shot,  Aim, Shot...

It means that when you have your camera on, the sun does not rise in an instant, the clouds will not reflect to waters dramatically, and your subject won't appear in a perfect rule of third angle. You have to compose and look for it. You can only get the perfect picture through constant practice and shooting.

Also, congrats to Aethan Yting who won a new Samsung Camera from CameraHauz KCC and thanks to all our sponsors Gensan View Resort - our venue for the said workshop, Aromacology and to  Orman Manansala of Project O and Avel Manansala of, SoCCSarSKGen Bloggers


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