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Monday, August 20, 2012

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I am paypal user since 2007, and only few Filipinos were using Paypal at that time. Until now, I never experienced any problem with Paypal so far. What I loved most bout this merchant is free from deduction when you withdraw more than P7,000 to your bank account.  Still a lot of  yuppies are still confused or hesitant to use it. So I made a post in response to common questions and problems about Paypal, especially for online store owners and anyone  who didn't understand how Paypal  works.

How to Open a Paypal Account

Signing up for Paypal account is safe and so easy.  All you need is an email account. For me, I created an email account for Paypal used only, not linked to my Facebook, twitter or any social media account to shun being deceived by scammers.

Choose which type of Paypal account you want, either it is Personal, Premier, and Business. Then provide all information needs from email, password, and address. Make sure your address is the same with the address of your Eon Bank or Credit card to avoid  hassles.

Which Account is Right for You?

I chose a Personal, then upgrade to Premier then downgrade to Personal:)  I was  informed by customer representative  that once I upgrade to Premier again, then I can't return to Personal account anymore. So now I am sticking to my Personal Paypal account for life.

For a freelancer like me or anyone who has online store planning to add paypal as a means of payment, Personal account is really a right choice. You can avoid charges or deductions, just inform your customers to send funds as a gift or send as a family or a friend.

After that, you'll receive an email to activate your account. Now you can shop online, send money and of course accept payments from your customers or even from family and friends. But you need to verify your account to withdraw  funds.

How to Verify Your Account

You can either use credit card or debit card to verify your account. Credit cards are accepted if they have Mastercard or Visa logo.  To secure your credit card from scammers or hackers, omit it  from Paypal once you are verified. Add your bank account to withdraw  funds directly to it.

Another way is through EON Debit Card by UnionBank. Getting an EON is easy and fast. You only need valid IDs (driver license, postal, SSS, school id, Company id, etc.) see other accepted ides here  Primary and Secondary IDs for EON Debit card application. Photocopy your ids and fill up the EON Visa Debit Application form. Make sure the access you used in Paypal is the same address you will put in Eon form. After 7- 15 days you can get your card, pay P350 annual fee.

Unionbank does not require an initial deposit, but Paypal needs P100 or $1.95 for a verification fee( Paypal will return it after a verification process). Enroll your Eon Card to Paypal. Part of a verification process is to put your Expanded Use Number (EXPUSE). Call Unionbank for your Expuse, and then add to Paypal. Congratulations coz you are now Verified.

Adding Your Bank Account

You can use your EON debit card or credit card to withdraw funds. However, you can add another bank account if you want.

  •  Log in to your secure paypal account (use not -https means a hypertext transfer protocol secure.
  • Select Profile, and look for  Bank Accounts and then  Add.
  • Follow the instructions carefully since Paypal will charge P250 for incorrect bank information.
  • You need to put the 9-digit bank code, for BPI -010040018 for UnionBank of the Phils. -010419995. Here is the link for Complete Paypal Bank Codes, in case you are using different banks.

Hope this could you. Happy Shopping online, transferring funds  or receiving funds with your verified Paypal account.

your online friend and fellow shopper

darlyn :)

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