What to Answer When People Keep Asking About Your Income as a Freelance

Saturday, August 18, 2012

When someone keeps asking about your income, what do you tell them? It is really awkward when people ask about your job and your income. This is especially when they don't understand the nature of your work,  what SEO is, what is Internet Marketing or Google Adsense. Perhaps, some are thinking I have foreigner fafas to suck moolah out of them, or maybe they think I do Cybers** (WTF!).

I left corporate world few years ago and embraced the freelance and blogger life without a doubt. At the time, I'm only taking chances on what this popular idiom says, "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence", this is true when you have the skills and a strong network online.

Working at home, people around me (some friends & neighbors) ask bout my salary and doubt why I can still afford to pay my bills and got the chance to travel from time to time from the money I earn thru writing, blogging and being an errand girl of my client's websites.

So how to respond when people ask how much you make? Some people are so eager to know your income. AllfreelanceWriting suggests answering annually or naming a job with the same income with you. However, telling them how much you earn, it makes  the conversation so long, that sometimes it will piss you off. To keep it short and simple, I usually tell I make enough just to pay my bills and save a little. 
Financial Samurai suggests not telling anyone how much you make. That he even narrates the upside of keeping your income hidden and the downside of revealing your income.  Once people know you earn double, triple or tenfold compared to them, some might expect from you such as free dinner at a class restaurant, unlimited free 3D movie tickets, smart phones as their birthday gift, latest Nike shoes, or a 5digits backpack. lols. In support AsktheHeadHunter reminds us to keep our salary because it might define who we are.

Your salary is no one’s business. Keep them under wraps.

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