To Kindle or Not to Kindle

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Kindle Fire

Is it about time to stop purchasing books and embrace the newest style of reading – using Kindle? I’ve been asking myself this question when the Kindle Fire was out in the market.

I loved to read and collect books. I bought series of Mortal Instruments, hungers games, travel books and inspirational ones.  That's why until now I'm still undecided to kindle or not kindle.  So let’s dig wider and deeper the advantages of having a Kindle.

First, it can save a lot of space. No more dream library on my dream house. Yeah you read it right; I want my library bigger than any room in my dream house. In fact, I already had designs plan for it, and how to organize them. 

Second, I can also save some pennies, not huge savings, but it’s still saving, anyway.  I still need to purchase kindle eBooks, since I can’t wait until when the authors will give it away for free for a limited time.  

Next, I can bring it anytime, anywhere I go. Unlike books, it occupies much space of my backpack every time I travel. 

Lastly, I can read as soon as the ebook is available in the kindle stores. Anyone can shop wirelessly
No more waiting! Sometimes books are out of stock in bookstore, thus you need to a reservation and wait until they new stocks come out. 

There’s no issue on the performance and the price of the Kindle. I can also use my Amazon's commission to buy one. woot!  In your case what do you prefer? A Kindle or books? Please share your thoughts on the comment box below. I love to  read your suggestions as well. Have a nice day ahead!

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